Barons Court Hotel Terms & Conditions

Please read these carefully.

These terms and conditions are here to protect you and us, if a disagreement arises.   There's nothing in here that will surprise you!
We accept provisional reservations by telephone, e-mail or post
and your booking must be secured by your credit card details.

Bookings are confirmed using one of the following:

If your arrival date is within a week of your reservation, full payment may be required at the time of the booking.

The balance of your payment can be charged to your Credit card at any time during your stay and we will inform you should we need to complete the transaction before your departure date. We accept cash and most credit/debit cards; please note that we no longer accept cheques unless they have been cleared before your stay has finished.
The person making the booking is responsible for paying all monies due and their credit/debit card details will be used to cover any shortfall in payment (for themselves or any person in their party) or to pay for breakage or losses of Hotel property.

We expect you to take reasonable care of our property, and we reserve the right to make a charge for any lost or damaged items, including any keys or pass cards issued to you.

If we receive notice of cancellation within 24 hours of the arrival date, we reserve the right to charge the one night's full rack rate of the type of room booked. You may wish, therefore to consider travel insurance.

If you have made a reservation through a third party agent and you need to cancel, please refer to the cancellation charges on the agent's site. You will need to contact the agent to inform them of the change in your plans.

Your room will be ready by 1.00pm on the day of arrival, and you must check in by 9.30pm at the latest, unless prior arrangements have been made, check out time is 11.00am on the last day of your stay.

The services we offer are subject to availability and provisional booking emails are subject to change in price if software errors occur.  We shall, of course, inform you immediately.

We will do our utmost to provide your accommodation as booked, but if we need to cancel your reservation for any reason, we will contact you as soon as possible, and return any deposit or other payments you have made.

We reserve the right to transfer your booking to another local hotel through overbooking or human error.  If that is the case, any extra cost of the booking (room cost only) will be paid by Barons Court Hotel before checking in.

We respectfully suggest that you print these terms and conditions, should you not need to revisit the site soon.

Thanks for booking with us.

Keith Kirkham  (Manager)


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